Gone, but not forgotten


Let us honor some Heroes today
They’re the POW and the MIA
They went to war so we would be free
Their life is at risk for you and for me.

Some heroes are ‘Missing in Action’ today
They fear they’re forgotten – they’re so far way
We cannot imagine the terror they feel
Our feelings are heavy – their fear is real.

While some are still held as ‘Prisoner of War’
Some have come home, a Prisoner no more
As they share their stories the sadness we feel
To them it was terror – their story is real.

The ‘Prisoners Of War’ have stories to tell
Some of them felt they were living in Hell
They tell us their stories – there’s pain they still feel
To the Veteran it’s more than a story – it’s real.

Those Heroes we honor may never feel free
Their memory is with them and will always be
They lived in fear while fighting for their lives
As we listen to the storiy – the Hero cries.

Now let us remember those Heroes today
Who are still POW and MIA
When the war is over we pray they still feel
America is worth it – and their freedom is real.

When a Hero comes home to “The Land of the Free”
Remember he fought for you and for me
Let’s welcome him back to a home-cooked meal
We can only imagine – to the Hero, it’s real.


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